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Our Services

These are the services that we provide for you towards a fast and blissful confinement with your newborn

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Natural Herbs
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Postnatal Massage

Postnatal massages are crucial and beneficial to new mothers in the recuperating process. Combining holistic best practices and techniques, we work closely with renowned masseurs in providing this value added service for deserving mothers. By booking through us, you can be assured that the assigned masseurs will be able to provide the services the mother deserves for all her hard work.

Breastfeeding Assistance

The worst part of breastfeeding is when the baby cannot suckled anything out. Not only does it result in a hungry baby, it can also harm the mother physically and mentally. We know the seriousness, and have tie up with nurses who specialist in breastfeeding to provide home care services for mothers on breastfeeding matters.

Services: Services

Confinement Services

All our confinement specialists will undergo highly customized and stringent training programs in our training facilities for 2 months, before they are qualified. It is also compulsory for them to undergo a medical examination and ensure that they are certified healthy, before they embark on the project at hand in Singapore.

Nutrition Planning

Having sufficient herbal replenishments is one of the most important aspect for post pregnancy recovery. By tying up with TCMs, our in house specialists will work on a herbal dietary plan based on your desired budget and have it deliver it straight to your household. You deserve a rest during this period and leave the errands to us. 

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