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How may we help you?

How do we chose the nanny we desire?

Our confinement consultant will match your needs against our database of confinement nannies, and will shortlist up to 3 for your selection. However, do note that we cannot reserve the shortlisted nannies. All is exclusively on a first come first serve basis.

How well trained are your nannies?

Our nannies undergo 2 months of rigorous training at our training center located in Kluang, Malaysia. Upon completion, they have to undergo a series of tests to prove their competency levels. All these processes are undertaken by our chief confinement specialist, who has been providing confinement services in both Singapore and Malaysia for more than 20 years.

Can we ask our nanny to clean the house?

Besides caring for mother and newborn, the nanny will also provide basic cleaning like mopping, sweeping and cleaning of the kitchen after cooking. She will not wash the clothes of the father and neither will she iron. The primary duty of the nanny is to take care of mother and newborn. For professional cleaning, please feel free to engage us for cleaning services.

Can I change my nanny during the confinement?

We understand that there will be unforeseen circumstances in which the nanny chosen might not be suitable. Therefore we do allow for replacements depending on the package you chose. However, we only allow replacement to be done during the first 7 days of the confinement, so as not to abruptly disrupt the caring process for both baby and mother abruptly.

May we know what is the payment breakdown?

Upon the selection of the package, we will collect an upfront deposit of 30%. During the last day of the confinement, we will then collect the remaining 70%. Payment can be made via cash or paynow. We do not accept payment via credit card.

Is there any other payment we need to take note?

Besides the fee quoted, you will also be required to provide a red packet each on the start and end of confinement. This is a traditional practice to symbolise a smooth confinement. Fee depends on each individual, but as a rule of thumb, the market practice ranges between $50 - $100. The red packet will solely be kept by the confinement nanny.

What if we wish to cancel the booking?

If you wish to cancel within 7 days from the booking date, there will be no penalty, and we will fully refund the deposit to you. If cancellation is done after 7 days, a cancellation fee of 50% of the deposit collected will apply. If cancellation is done within 14 days from start of confinement, the full deposit will be forfeited. If you have further queries on this, do reach out to us.

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